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A full load is defined as 13.6 loading metres, maximum weight 24 tonnes. If you have a part load please send us an email enquiry stating how many pallets you have, size and weight: .

We work for business customers only so unfortunately we are not able to quote on house removals or personal items such as furniture.

Case Studies

October 2015

Heavy duty vehicles generate 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, more than the international aviation industry across the region. The environmental impact of a truck is mainly from exhaust emissions - with over 2 million trucks across Europe, it is concerning to think of the unnecessary emissions from trucks running empty on their way back to base or running long detours to their next job.

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Why Freightex’s carbon policy gets the Green Light
September 2015

Trust Freightex with your perishable, chilled and frozen products. We ensure your products are transported quickly and efficiently to maintain product quality.

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Cool, Calm and Collected
January 2015

Loads of Trees, Many Locations. Our customer is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Christmas trees, their seedlings, festive decorations and foliage. The work is by its nature seasonal and involves very large volumes of Christmas trees. This customer has a sizable contract of delivery to the largest DIY and garden retailer in the UK, as well as smaller outlets.

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‘Tis the season for Christmas Trees
December 2014

The customer is one of the UK’s major supermarkets. One of its key strategies is to buy ‘ex-works’ goods, i.e. direct from suppliers so that it can separate transport costs out and so save money. One product that it buys from all over Europe is bananas, which are normally traded by supermarkets while still in transit from regions of origin such as Central America, South America and Africa.

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Stop Going Bananas

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