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‘Tis the season for Christmas Trees

‘Tis the season for Christmas Trees

Freightex offers simple solutions for huge volume and seasonal transport.

Loads of Trees, Many Locations

How to transport over the Christmas season.

Our customer is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Christmas trees, their seedlings, festive decorations and foliage.

The work is by its nature seasonal and involves very large volumes of Christmas trees.  This customer has a sizable contract of delivery to the largest DIY and garden retailer in the UK, as well as smaller outlets.

This year the contract totalled 720 loads with 1000 trees/load. Of these, 200 were delivered from a forest in Aberdeen to Maidstone, with the rest coming from plantations in Scandinavia, Poland and Slovakia. Further to that, all deliveries were fulfilled via flatbed trucks, secured by taut liner.

The loads were moved over a period of six weeks, with the peak time for deliveries falling during the first two weeks of November.

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Tis the season for Christmas Trees

Reliable for every season

Freightex has both incredible technology and an extensive network of coverage, both of which enable increased capacity, even during busy seasons.

Key for this customer was the reliability of our service, knowing that they had come to a one-stop shop for all the routes, as well as the fact that they did not have to manage multiple suppliers.  Freightex ensured that trailers would be ready for loading at specified times, and guaranteed this generously expanded amount of capacity with this key time of year in mind.

On top of that, the Freightex team were able to communicate with sites in Poland and Slovakia in their native tongues, furthering ensuring a smooth operational process overall.

Freightex was able to provide this level of capacity through a mix of its permanent fleet, pre-booked trailers and outside resource, all of which were available at short notice. This level of preparation and flexibility ensured that this customer was impressed by such a high level of service at such a reasonable price.


A Happy, Returning Customer

We’ll streamline and simplify any of your large volume transport needs, while saving your company money.

This is the second year Freightex has managed this project and the customer has confirmed our involvement next year.

Christmas Tree Facts

  • Growing Christmas trees provides a habitat for wildlife.
  • An acre of Christmas trees provides the daily requirements of oxygen for 18 people.
  • Christmas tree lights were first mass produced in 1890.

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