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Why Freightex’s carbon policy gets the Green Light

Green Strategy, Green Delivery 

How Freightex works to reduce CO2  


Improve empty running statistics

Heavy goods vehicles generate 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. This is more than the international aviation industry across the region.

The environmental impact of a truck is of course mainly from exhaust emissions - with over 2 million trucks across Europe, it is concerning to think of the unnecessary emissions from fleets running empty on their way back to base or running long detours to their next collections.

Freightex believes this is the number one environmental challenge for the haulage industry and the company was founded on the principle of improving empty running in Europe.

We have saved:
25,317 tonnes of CO2

carbon policy


Visibility of empty trailers across Europe


What we do differently from other operators and brokers is to use our proprietary platform to find the most efficient empty truck at any one time to carry a load.

For every load to be moved, the platform ranks available trucks taking into account the detour they will have to make to collect the load in question. This often results in using vehicles already positioned very close to the load, and matching hauliers with traffic flows they wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

The resulting reduction in empty running can be measured by calculating the saving of emissions that would have been generated. We publish this figure on our website.







25,000 tonnes of CO2

and counting


Reducing empty running clearly improves the profitability of our carriers primarily from better utilisation of their trailer assets. However there are additional efficiency gains from saving man hours involved in the delays which can occur while waiting to find an appropriate load.

A lot of these cost savings are passed on to our customers who benefit from better prices due to this efficiency and from the convenience and quick response of an empty trailer local to them.

We continue to pride ourselves on working to maximise these efficiencies and their resulting positive contribution to a lower carbon world.


Logistics planning at Goodyear Dunlop UK:

  • “Freightex are always my first point of call when we need an urgent shipment moving. Within minutes of calling they always have an answer to my transportation problems. In one such instance, the transport arrived to pick up the shipment within 5 minutes of placing the call. The service is fast and reliable with great communication and a friendly service."

Our activities to support lower emissions:

  • We ensure our carriers’ vehicles are no more then 7 years old, min Euro3, and are registered to enter cities’ green zones e.g. London Emission Zone
  • We monitor manufacturers at the forefront of environmental technology who are investing in R&D to reduce emissions
  • We keep abreast of industry advances in ‘green’ standards and procedures and different countries’ responses e.g. some countries now incentivising Euro4 and Euro5 vehicles (greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions) by charging lower motorway tolls for such vehicles
  • We continually review output from the European Commission’s Climate Action department which is working to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy duty vehicles

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