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A full load is defined as 13.6 loading metres, maximum weight 24 tonnes. If you have a part load please send us an email enquiry stating how many pallets you have, size and weight: .

We work for business customers only so unfortunately we are not able to quote on house removals or personal items such as furniture.

Reducing carbon emissions

Why we fill empty trucks

Reducing CO2 emissions through intelligent backloading

To find the most efficient trucks for our customers, our real-time systems continually look for opportunities where a truck needing to get from a future delivery point to a subsequent collection point can fulfill a new load within the required constraints and generate a positive return.

In these circumstances, rather than a truck driving empty from delivery point to subsequent collection point and a second truck moving the new load, the original truck makes a detour to take the new load, saving resources and generating efficiency savings for both carrier and customer.

Where we fill a truck going from A to B in this manner with a backload from C to D, we reduce the original unloaded distance AB to the sum of the two detour distances AC and DB. If we multiply the distance saved AB-(AC+DB) by the total GHG CO2 equivalent per km for an unloaded HGV (see DEFRA conversion factors table 7d) then we can calculate the total CO2 saved.

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