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Cross Channel pricing review Quarter 1 2016

Apr 1st, 2016

At Freightex we track the pricing over our core routes in and out of the UK to mainland Europe, to ensure we are close to the market.

Background for Q1

Overall the market in and out of the UK appears to have been quieter than expected in the first quarter with many reporting similar or lower levels of activity than the same period last year, and weaker activity than many of the mainland markets.

Fuel prices levelled out at €1.04/lt for EU28 average down from €1.30/lt in July 2015.  Right at the end of the quarter there was a gentle rise to around €1.10/l which was the first uplift for some time. 

There has been a very significant fall in sterling from €1.36 at Christmas to €1.27 at the end of March.

Disruption at the Channel ports has been light through this period with only occasional delays due to holiday peaks or bad weather and very little use of Operation Stack with its associated long delays. However, carriers still remain concerned after the last 12 months of problems and those caught with stowaways are still facing heavy fines and claims. 

The Belgium motorway toll is due to start from April 1st and in our view will put an additional cost onto most routes into the UK.

You can find the full article with the pricing trends here:

Cross Channel pricing review Quarter 1 2016

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