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New Belgian tolls - April 2016

Apr 1st, 2016

Despite low levels of haulier readiness, Belgium has pressed ahead today with the introduction of new road tolls. These will add significant new toll costs to roads that carry the majority of all road freight in and out of the UK and that were previously free to use. Belgian authorities appear to be taking a light touch on enforcement at the moment - drivers who have the Viapass OBU in their cab are not being fined, even if the OBU has not been fully activated - but we expect full enforcement within a couple weeks.

Tolls for most HGVs have been set at an average level of about €0.13/km, adding €50-€65 to a round-trip (400-500km through Belgium) from most locations in the EU to the UK. We are expecting that carriers will charge the bulk of the increased round-trip cost to the EU-UK inbound route (€30-€50) and less to the outbound route UK-EU (€15-€20). Most major customers seem to have prepared for the increased charges but many small to mid-size companies will not have been expecting them. Hauliers have been wary of second-guessing the impact of this tax and have not notified customers ahead of actual implementation in case the tax was postponed or reworked (like the French Ecotaxe recently).

Please check our Twitter feed, website or other social media for updates on the situation at the Belgian border (still queues of trucks) and on the pricing impact of these changes.

New Belgian tolls - April 2016

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