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Freightex comes to aid of drivers in Operation 'Stuck'

Jul 2nd, 2015

We were hearing via social media from drivers stuck on the M20 that they were without food and water in 30 degrees while waiting in Operation Stack (we've renamed it Operation STUCK)  which included 5000 lorries parked and 26 miles of queues. We felt we should try and help in some small way so several enterprising members of our team went to Subway, bought up 300 sandwiches, some water and made a mercy mission to Junction 8 of the M20.

Kent Police, Kent Council and the Coastguard in Kent helped us to distribute the food and water to the truck drivers who had been stationary for so many hours on the hottest day of the year.

One of our colleagues, Simona Silvestru said: "We really felt for those guys, a lot of people don't appreciate what truck drivers have to deal with and this is extreme. It was really nice to show them we care!"

Tim Phillips, Freightex chief executive, says:

"The strikers are into their second week of disruption - we feel this industrial action is completely disproportionate to the issues at stake. In effect the workers at a small company are holding the whole of the UK and France to ransom. Our company moves 120 loads a day across the channel, a lot of food and drink which should be ending up in supermarkets – at the moment that’s all sitting in trailers on the A6 autoroute slowly perishing… The disruption to the freight industry will mean a knock-on effect to stock on supermarket shelves and then it will start to affect prices.

The stress for drivers is exacerbated by the migrant problems, we really feel for them.  A 40 mile queue and then they get intimidated at Calais - no wonder a lot of our continental friends are refusing to come to the UK at the moment."

Freightex comes to aid of drivers in Operation 'Stuck'

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