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Truck supply difficulties (and probable price increases) due to concerns about migrants in Calais

Jun 26th, 2015

The truck supply to and from UK, especially for imports, is becoming more difficult every day due to the situation in Calais. The migrants are extremely numerous, they are fearless and will do anything to climb into trucks to attempt to cross the border into the UK. Every day we are hearing about new cases of forcing open locked doors, violence and intimidation towards drivers, broken windows and even migrants climbing into drivers' cabs. The situation has reached a drastic point where it endangers drivers, lorries and the goods transported.

Many hauliers have as a consequence notified us that they won’t come to the UK any more. They have told us that they are exposing their drivers and trucks to unmanageable and dangerous situations in Calais. We anticipate that both imports and exports will be badly affected. If a large number of hauliers continue to withdraw from routes to and from the UK, this will have an unexpected knock-on effect on transport prices.

We heard about “migrant disturbance” even at Eurotunnel France last night. A migrant seeking illegal passage to the UK on a freight train was accidentally killed. Besides the serious situation with the migrants in Calais, we have also had to deal with the ferry strike this week and there are further disruption threats for the Port of Calais and Eurotunnel until the 1st of July.

Several carriers have told us that they are not coming in UK until the situation in Calais is solved. Here are a few of their comments to us at Freightex:

“It was a difficult decision that our company had to make. According to the situation of immigrants in Calais (North of France), we are going to send less trucks to GB. We can not take this risk, it’s catastrophic. If we send the drivers there they will be in jeopardy. We hope the French and the UK goverment will solve this problem asap.”

"We are not sending any more lorries in England until they resolve the situation with the immigrants from Calais port."

"Some drivers threaten to resign if they are sent to UK. They worry about the immigrants' attacks. The truck drivers have no fault for this and yet they receive fines if there are immigrants in their trucks.”

We hope for improvements as governments start to take this seriously and get a grip of the situation. We will keep posting information as and when we hear it and particularly keep you updated with news about prices. 

Click here for our video where you can see what the truck drivers are facing daily in Calais.

Keep safe out there!

Freightex team

Truck supply difficulties (and probable price increases) due to concerns about migrants in Calais

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