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A full load is defined as 13.6 loading metres, maximum weight 24 tonnes. If you have a part load please send us an email enquiry stating how many pallets you have, size and weight: .

We work for business customers only so unfortunately we are not able to quote on house removals or personal items such as furniture.


Major benefits for our business partners

Mar 19th, 2015

We are a logistics company specialising in European road freight. We work quickly to find our customers the most efficient road transport to and from the UK and across Europe. We supply standard, mega and fridge trailers as well as specialist equipment via our dedicated truck fleet and closed group of transport partners.

Our service covers the road transport element of the supply chain so it appeals to companies who want to get as close as possible to the real market price at which goods are moved by road. We are extremely responsive as we have visibility of the nearest available trucks from our network for any load and this means Freightex can provide a cost effective, service-focused and environmentally sound solution.

1. Multi-lingual team

We have an international team fluent in 15 foreign languages. All communication with customers, carriers, drivers, transport managers, collection and delivery points is simple and fast, generally in their native language.

2. Quick response

For all our customers we offer a fast response and rapid feedback anytime. That’s because you will have your own dedicated account manager who can always tell you where’s your freight. Also we have capacity and we can honor short-term planned jobs. We can adapt to your requirements and you don’t have to fit into our services.    

3. Prices: transparent & immediate online    

All our prices are transparent and according with the real time market movements. Our prices are maintained and reflected in the current market flow. Our online system can give you anytime a price for a full load. You just need to add the postcodes for collection and delivery and instantly you will receive an e-mail with a general price for that route, for a full load.

4. Proactive freight management

Our team consists of dozens of specialists with many years of road freight experience in UK and Europe. They can help you with normal loads and trucks, special loads, specific vehicles, part loads, fridges, heavy loads, call it what you want, we know them all. And we’ll always be honest with you and we’ll tell you how things are going in real time.

5. Environment friendly

For us the environment is a priority. That's why we are doing our best to preserve and promote the environment. We are always looking for green solutions. So far we have saved 25.350 tonnes of CO2. We move nearly 70% of work using trucks on our system which would otherwise run empty – meaning there are cost and environmental advantages over traditional single-sourced transport arrangements.

Major benefits for our business partners

Powered by proprietary technology, smart people, and a resounding commitment to service, Coyote Logistics is unwavering in its mission to provide the best service in the industry.
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