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London lorry safety scheme now in force

Sep 2nd, 2015

Seven of the eight cyclist deaths in London in the past year involved a HGV, a very disproportionate number given lorries represent only 4% of London traffic.  From the 1st of September all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes travelling in London must be fitted with side guards, kerb view and front mirrors.  Side guards prevent cyclists being dragged under the wheels on an HGV in the event of a collision and class V and VI mirrors give better visibility down the side of the vehicle.  Lorries without safety equipment to protect cyclists and pedestrians are now banned from the city and it will be interesting to see if other UK cities follow given the popularity of cycling.

"It is every driver's worst nightmare to cause an accident with a cyclist or pedestrian so the new safety scheme can only be good news for the industry" says Clare Capstick-Dale of Freightex. "Our drivers and suppliers welcome the rules and will of course ensure that we comply with them."

The rules are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The maximum fine for a breach is £1000 with repeat offenders risking losing their operating licence.

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London lorry safety scheme now in force

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