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A full load is defined as 13.6 loading metres, maximum weight 24 tonnes. If you have a part load please send us an email enquiry stating how many pallets you have, size and weight: .

We work for business customers only so unfortunately we are not able to quote on house removals or personal items such as furniture.


Freightex at the cutting edge of technology


The company’s platform provides visibility of empty trucks across Europe and in addition has powerful algorithms to match loads and trucks, to calculate the economics of routes and detours. It also stores and analyses prices on routes based on real prices paid in the market thus reflecting peaks and troughs in supply and demand of truck capacity.


Freightex’s technology has repeatedly been validated as best in class and ongoing developments have kept it at the forefront of the market. It has impressed with the transparency it gives users, the consistency and quality of data as well as the power of its pricing database and management information. We do not believe we are overstating it to say that no other 3PL in Europe has a unified system with the power of our platform.

Freightex aims to be at the cutting edge of technology

Freightex platform

Skilled Team

Our technology is developed by our own highly skilled programming and development team consisting of individuals with strong backgrounds in technology, specialists in non-linear optimisation techniques and experts from the logistics industry.

In addition the team has a wealth of experience in electronic order processing, market regulation and exchange clearing and settlement.

Big Data

The technology platform, is capable of processing the massive quantities of information in this highly fragmented marketplace and presenting it in customised form to a very large number of simultaneous users in real-time.

Our powerful route-based value optimisation algorithms are capable of:

In addition every transaction is saved in our database and is accessible for pricing – customers view prices actually paid in the market which gives them certainty that the price they pay at Freightex will be the ‘market price’.

  • Identifying which vehicles are physically able to transport which consignments given the vehicle type/loading space available
  • Identifying which vehicles are capable of meeting the time constraints imposed on the pick-up/drop-off of each consignment
  • Computing the net economic benefit of each consignment to each vehicle, taking into account actual road detours necessary and bespoke operating costs for each vehicle
  • Producing a ranked list of consignments for each vehicle continuously in real time based on the net economic benefits
  • Allowing two-way time-sensitive price negotiation

'Freightex’s proprietary technology has repeatedly been validated as best in class.'

GPS Tracking: Unique, easy to use online interface


The company has enhanced its proprietary platform by adding GPS tracking to the online interface. Whichever telematics or GPS system a fleet is using, all suppliers’ tracking data can now be integrated and viewed in the Freightex system. While the company has always been rigorous in monitoring progress of a delivery, direct access to suppliers’ GPS saves time and gives a new level of confidence and control.


Freightex believes it is the first company to develop a straightforward way for dedicated sub-contractors and large suppliers to share their GPS data via just a few clicks. It means an early warning if a collection or delivery is running late which is vital information for customers and if necessary gives Freightex staff time to find an alternative solution. For suppliers, the process is pain-free requiring no input from their IT departments and it means they avoid multiple phone calls requesting the latest truck locations. Freightex aims to get all its carriers to agree to share their GPS data in this way giving 100% coverage of its supplier base.

freightexGO for mobile

FreightexGO is a multi-browser version of our platform which can be accessed on any device.
Designed to be fast and simple to use, you can see what you need in just a few clicks.

  • View and book loads available
  • Manage vehicles
  • Check invoice status
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